From Pastor Scott Jones



  I love the church because Christ loves the church! The church is so special that Christ submitted Himself to a brutal and cursed death by crucifixion; then He rose again for it. When He ascended back to heaven He gave gifts to His church for its maturity and whole-hearted service to Him.

  Christ has privileged me to pastor Faith Bible Church of Bellevue. My passion is to cultivate the growth of our church to be the peculiar group of disciple-makers He desires us to be. Such spiritual growth requires a healthy, well-balanced, and consistent diet of God’s Word. So my number-one objective is to explain and apply the Bible in a clear and warm manner.

  Would you like help in understanding the Bible or in following the Lord Jesus Christ? Please contact me at, listen to a message on our website, and visit us during our services listed below.

Pastor Scott Jones 

Sunday School - 9:30am
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30am
Sunday Evening Worship - 6:00pm
Wednesday Prayer Meeting - 6:00pm